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How do I find my Voter Details?

The North Caroline Board of Elections makes it easy to find information online about your voter details and history. You can find:

  • Your voter details
  • The jurisdictions in which you vote
  • Your Election Day polling location, as well as a link to search for One-Stop Voting sites
  • Your sample ballot
    • Tip: We recommend you print out or save to your phone the sample ballot. You can mark who you plan to vote for ahead of time and bring those notes with you when you vote.

You have the opportunity to vote in many races.

Some are for federal office (such as the US Senate or US House) or state office (such as Supreme Court Justice, NC State Senate or NC State House). You may also be asked to vote for local offices (such as district or county), nonpartisan offices, or referenda. Make sure you exercise your right to vote in all of these important races!

It can be overwhelming to figure out for whom you should vote. Here are some tips:

  • Looking up your sample ballot ahead of time allows you to prepare in advance.
  • You are allowed to bring notes with you as you vote, such as a completed sample ballot or a piece of paper with the names of candidates you support.
  • Some voters use voter guides or endorsements by news outlets, advocacy organizations, non-profits, or political parties. There may be people located outside your polling site during voting hours distributing information on behalf of candidates or political parties.
  • You may also find useful information searching the internet for information, including from news stories or on candidates’ websites.